We provide our Caravan Interior & Exterior Cleaning , Caravan PAT Testing services and Caravan management services to Louth and other areas such as Boston ,Spalding ,Scunthorpe and Skegness

Interior Caravan Cleaning and management services

Deep cleans from £47.50
Change over Cleans with bed Linen from £27.50
Change over Cleans from £22.50

Please Note:
Each Caravan Will have a full check list of itinerary to be checked every clean / hand over and any additional customers wishes would be added.
If theres a service you need.. We'll supply it or find someone who does
(for Customers only)

Exterior Caravan cleaning, Jet washing, Slab & Patio Cleaning and so much more

Exterior single width Caravan Cleaning (upto 14ft width)
without decking -from £85
with decking* - from £99

Exterior double width Caravan Cleaning (over 14ft width)
without decking - from £99
with decking* - from £115*
*Along with a caravan clean / extra charge if decking is over 50% of the caravans length.(or over 6ft wide)

-- Caravans & ALL flat/smooth areas are cleaned with sponges and cloths by hand and/or Jet wash Machines
-- Decking flooring (Non Flat/smooth areas) are cleaned with scrubbing brushes by hand and/or Jet wash Machines
-- ALL caravan cleans include a gutter clean/clear-out.
-- Caravan cleans consist of ALL 4 sides cleaned but not the roof.
-- Decking cleaning includes the Skirting of a caravan if needed/required.
*-* We can also Include any other item you require *-*

Handyman Services
We also Offer Handyman / Maintenance Services

P.A.T Testing
P.A.T Testing Caravans (upto a maximum of 15 items - charges will apply for any additonal Items)
from £47.50 per caravan.
(Extra charges will apply for re-wires or new plugs where needed )

Each PAT Tested Caravan will receive:
1- A digital certificate
2- A digital excel sheet with a list of all tested items

Large Discounts are available
for multiple 'block' bookings locally and UK Wide on the same Caravan Parks Or locally to each other.